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Title: HOW TO: Getting yourself an Avatar
Post by: Anne on January 24, 2008, 03:04:22 PM
One of the fun bits of the board is being able to have an avatar, or little picture under your name, which represents you.

The board has a collection of these you can choose from.

Avatar settings are found in your PROFILE - to access this you need to click the PROFILE link on the top menu. In the screen that opens look to the left for the Modify Profile sub-menu, and then click the Forum Profile Information link. In the pane on the right of the screen you'll see the Avatar settings. Choose which option you want to use via the radio buttons, and if you are using one of our avatars select it from the drop-down list and then scroll down and click the Save Profile button, bottom right.

If anyone would like to create new avatar sets for use on the board please feel free to do so and let me know so I can arrange their upload.