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Title: Two French framed photographs/prints
Post by: Tigerchips on March 30, 2015, 05:48:10 PM
I've seen similar frames across the web described as Napoleonic era (1799 ? 1815), although they might be reproductions, i don't know. Normally they have very valuable miniatures in them but these have what looks like photographs, which is odd since photographs weren't really invented then.

There's no sign of them being prints, unless it's a very modern print, no dots or lines. They are hand coloured, and they've been cut out of a photograph or whatever. Paper is shiny on front like a photograph, matte on back. Not much yellowing as i would have expected with age. I think maybe someone has been messing around with them, and that the photos/prints aren't original. The backs have a dark red leather square to protect the frame, of which i have removed in the photo. The wood is all in one.

I've been unable to identify the people in the photo/prints, although the girl looks a lot like Marie Antoinette. Just wondering if the frames are real or some modern production?