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Title: Bentham Pottery Leaky Brexit Mug
Post by: Anne on February 06, 2020, 03:03:45 AM
We don't normally do politics on this board, but for this item I'll make an exception!  It's a really interesting story from last year of a pottery a few miles from us, where the potter (Lee Cartledge) was getting a bit fed up with Brexit, so decided to make a statement mug.  The feature of the mug was that it wouldn't hold water!  It was posted onto social media, and then went viral, the mainstream media picked it up, and this small local pottery in North Yorkshire suddenly found itself on the television news and besieged by journalists from around Europe.  Even the V&A were in touch about them!

You can read the full story here on their own website: https://www.benthampottery.com/theleakybrexitmugwithholes/