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Myott Son & Co. Imperial Semi-Porcelain trinket set
« on: September 04, 2021, 05:20:54 PM »
I Couldn't resist buying this 9 piece trinket set made by Myott Son & Co.  Its missing its original tray unfortunately as I'm sure it would have had one.  The mark dates it from 1907 to 1920 as far as I can tell.  The set consists of a pair of candle holders, one large lidded powder bowl and two smaller ones, a small trinket tray, ring holder and what looks like a pot pourri lidded bowl and either a hat pin holder or something used as a talcum powder shaker(?).

Its marked "Imperial Semi Porcelain" on the base, but I'm not sure if the "Imperial" refers to the pattern or to the semi-porcelain.  In any case, I've not been able to as yet identify the pattern name.  There is a Myott website but there is a fee for joining, so I'll persevere for a while longer to see if I can track it down.   

I wasn't familiar with the term semi-porcelain, but it appears that this resembles or imitates porcelain and is a relatively hard glazed white earthenware commonly used for tableware.  It does have a nice blueish tinge to it in the way that real porcelain does.  Apparently semi-porcelain was first used in 1880.

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